This week we talk about the first day of Tokyo Game Show with Sony’s announcements!  Also, Epic Games “accidentally” enabled cross network play for Fortnite between PS4 and Xbox One players over the weekend.  It’s a sad day for us older gamers since Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy.  Listen in on our rant about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s Collector’s Edition infinity stones being mere Easter eggs.  Nintendo stock is at its highest since 2008, and listen to a Tony shit on one of the Final Fantasy games on PS1.  Lastly, Corey and Jim go back and forth on Destiny 2 and whether there are changes, and if they are good or bad for players.  


#tgs #sony #ps4 #fortnite #mvc #nintendo #finalfantasy #destiny2

September 20, 2017

Trainfire - AYCG Moviecast #362


It dominates a resurgent box office this week, as we look ahead to news from DC and Marvel. Marvel’s girl power is in full force as Jessica Jones wraps filming and Brie Larson is spotted on set for Avengers 4. Meanwhile, DC’s mixed messages continue as they promise to embrace the trend of post-credit scenes for Justice League, while rumors swirl that the movie will have not one, but two Green Lanterns? We also talk a bit about what we’ve been watching and/or reading on a very comic booky Moviecast.

#JessicaJones #Marvel #DC #JusticeLeague #It


Jim and Corey play 1-2 SWITCH, except instead of the Nintendo Switch game, it's hosting the Gamecast!  Join the pair as we discuss crunch time and the nature of AAA game development not being sustainable, with some stories and references from Jason Schreier's book, "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels."  We briefly discuss the Pewdewpie controversy and have a hard stance on the matter.  Lastly, we discuss the news coming hot off the newest Nintendo Direct, where Jim is looking to finally lose the bet on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming out in 2017.


#kotaku #pewdewpie #nitnendodirect #mario #xenoblade

September 14, 2017

IT IS IN! - AYCG Moviecast #361


It's a two-man show on this week's episode of All You Can Geek as Corey and Mike are missing in action!  Jim and Tony discuss the surprise box-office-smash IT and how it's breaking multiple records and had a gigantic opening after the whimper of the summer movie season.  Stan Lee gave a new interview where he states Marvel will "eventually" get the rights back to make movies for X-Men and Fantastic Four.  Plus, JJ Abrams returns for Star Wars Episode IX, coming out in December 20th, 2019!  


#it #movies #boxoffice #marvel #starwars #disney




In this BONUS ROUND podcast we break down The Defenders (more than The Hand did!) and talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, what worked, and what we didn't.  Does the Marvel + Netflix universe have a place in the future or has its run its course already?  Drinking game - take a shot every time we complain about Iron Fist!  

#netflix #marvel #defenders #daredevil #jessicajones #lukecage #ironfist


Destiny 2 is about to bring us into the fall/holiday season, the best time for gamers everywhere!  We talk about the Nintendo indie showcase that talks about the upcoming indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch and we get the formal announcement of the newest entry in the No More Heroes franchise, Travis Strikes Again!  In other news, Xbox One is officially getting keyboard and mouse support, while Nintendo still has Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a holiday 2017 title.  We do an upcoming fall game preview where we talk about what we think is going to make a splash or land with a dud!  Lastly, for our 360th episode we talk about our favorite Xbox 360 games, find out which ones made our lists!


#destiny2 #nomoreheroes #nintendoswitch #xbox360 #indies


We look at the struggling Labor Day box office, and ask the tough questions regarding rumors for upcoming movies on this week’s Moviecast. Is Shia LeBeof is out of Indy 5? Can we see Leo as Joker? Does Joss Whedon deserve director credit for Justice League? Do we care about Robin getting casted in the Titans series? Can Inhumans really be that bad? We also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Batman the Animated Series.


#Batman #BatmanTAS #Batman25 #Justice League #Inhumans #Titans #Josswhedon #Joker


Gamescom is over but PAX West is this holiday weekend but this just means more gaming news for geeks everywhere!  Square-Enix reveals a Secret of Mana Remake coming to PS4 and Vita next year while Sony announces new PSVR bundles.  Is Fire Emblem Heroes is teasing a new Fire Emblem anime coming out?  GameStop sells out of SNES Classic pre-orders in 8 minutes and by the time you’re listening Nintendo will have aired a new Nindie Direct!  Lastly, we say sayonara to the original Xbox One as it is officially discontinued!  All this and more on the latest AllYouCanGeek.


#gamescom #pax #secretofmana #playstation #snesclassic


BOX OFFICE BOMBA!!  A lack of compelling new movies combined with one of the biggest boxing matches in history leads to the worst box office weekend in 15 years!  What were the problems and how can the movie industry fight what has been a downward year overall?  We also discuss the news of Warner Bros and DC making movies of their comic characters that don’t tie into the DCEU.  All this plus brief impressions of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale!


#movies #dceu #got


On this spoilercast we discuss the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones!  Hear what we thought about the season overall, the characters, the plots, the deaths, the sex, the dragons, the zombies, and the...incest?!  


#gameofthrones #hbo #dragons #zombies #incest

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